About ISEF

The Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival (ISEF) was initiated in 2014 by the the Central Bank of Indonesia in partnership with all key stakeholders of the Sharia Economic and Finance sectors in Indonesia. Now in its 6 th year of implementation, ISEF is committed to going global . This year, ISEF will become an international level event to highlight Indonesia’s position as the world’s leading center of sharia economic and financial development.

Mainstreaming Islamic economic and finance into National & International Policy to make Indonesia as a center of excellence in the global sharia economic and finance industry.

In line with sharia principles and values, ISEF aims to integrate ideas and create a measurable initiatives that would lead to national and global economic growth.

ISEF as a National & International Sharia Economic Development platform.

The First Integrated Platform of Islamic Economy for Global Competitiveness

Embracing Sharia Economics as a New Engine towards a stronger and sustainable Growth