Sharia Economic Brand Competition


The creation of Sharia Economy Brand is aimed to maximize the introduction of sharia economy to the stakeholders.



  1. The participants may be an individual, a group or a company.
  2. Individual participants should attach ID card and NPWP, while companies should attach ID card, NPWP, Establishment Deed and SIUP.
  3. This competition is opened to Indonesian communities excluding the Executive Management of KNEKS and Bank Indonesia.




  1. The brand should be original (never been used by any other company)
  2. Having the national vibe
  3. Simple, modest, appealing, innovative and memorable
  4. Representing the Vision of Indonesian Sharia Economy and Finance which is “to make an independent, prosperous and civilized Indonesia by serving as the global leading centre of sharia economy”
  5. Up-to-date ( timeless )
  6. Relevant with the National Sharia Economy and Finance
  7. Representing the function of accelerating, broadening and developing Sharia Economy and Finance
  8. The brand should not contradict with the applicable norms and contain sensitive issues.
  9. Covering the values and the principals of sharia economy and finance (Download Here)
  10. Representing the 8K (Kesejahteraan/Wellbeing, Kesetaraan/Equality, Kepedulian/Concern, Keberpihakan/Alignment, Kenyamanan/Comfort, Karakter/Character and Kolaborasi/Collaboration)
  11. Applying and synchronizing Indonesian cultural values to the brand



  1. Participants should perform registration via ISEF website and upload administration documents.
  2. Participants are entitled to submit a maximum 3 (three) original works, not a modified existing brands. The submitted works should include logo, tagline and the philosophy/meaning of the brands.
  3. Participants should attach the statement letter (added with an IDR 6000 stamp) comprising a statement that the works are original, not a modification of other brands or the copy of any other existing brands.
    • Statement Letter for Individuals: Download
    • Statement Letter for Legal Entities: Download
  4. In case of fraud (in any form) by the participants or the winners during the competition, the party will be disqualified and they would not be entitled to any compensations or prizes from the third party or the authorized party. Any burdens or responsibilities should be borne by the participants or the winners.
  5. The prizes are not transferrable and interchangeable to any other form.
  6. The participants to be declared as the winners must submit the works in the form of extensive file (.ai,.psd or *.cdr) no later than 5 calendar days as of the announcement by the committee, and sign the minute of proprietary handover.
  7. The winning works will be the considered as the property of the committee, and the committee should be entitled to perform adjustment / revision / alteration / modification on the works, whether it is performed by cooperating with the brand maker or any other parties who are (according to committee’s opinion) able to perfect the works, without the responsibility of paying royalties to the winner.
  8. Every work which has been submitted should be equipped with the comprehensive philosophy/meaning of the brand with the maximum length of 3 pages (in the form of docx file with Arial font and 11 font size). File combined with a logo, tagline in zip or docx format.
  9. Participants should fill in the form downloaded from (this link)  and upload the documents along with the logo design (JPG and PNG Format with maximum file size of 2MB).
  10. The decision of the judges should be final and inviolable
  11. This competition is free of charge.
  12. Taxes should be borne by the winners.
  13. Participants are not allowed to perform any kind of communication with the committee through any kind of media during the assessment period up to the official announcement of the winners.



Registration opening                : August 25, 2020
Submission Deadline                :  September 27, 2020
Winner Announcement            : October 16, 2020

The winner announcement will be posted on the Website and Social Media of ISEF and KNEKS on October 16, 2020.

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