• Making Indonesia an industrial center as well as a barometer of global Muslim fashion trends.
  • The growing role of the younger generation in the Muslim fashion industry in Indonesia


  • To find new, creative and innovative talents in the Indonesian Muslim Fashion Industry.
  • Attracting fashion school students and young designers to enliven the Muslim fashion sector with new creativity and design diversity.
  • Motivating the younger generation to improve the competence of Indonesian Muslim clothing, to be more globally competitive.


  • Indonesian citizen, age 17-35.
  • Ready for the trade show
  • Design collections should be themed “Modest Ready to Wear”
  • Contains elements of local cultural wealth
  • Applying design innovations to colors, motifs, and textile materials
  • The sketch submitted must be accompanied by the name, design inspiration, color scheme, as well as an explanation of the design concept and the target consumer.

Competition Rating

  • Creativity and Originality
  • Theme Compatibility
  • Neatness and Functionality
  • Accuracy in Selection of Techniques and Materials
  • Market Suitability and Business Readiness.


  • The existence of young designers is not only designing Muslim fashion collections but also being accepted by the market.
  • Potential to open business and job opportunities in the Indonesian Muslim fashion industry and even the world.
  • Opens up opportunities to attract buyers from all over the world.
  • Through this competition, the winners will not make proud achievements, but also pave the way to become part of the sustainable Muslim fashion industry.

Grand Finale

  • Date : 29th of October 2021
  • Time : 17.00-18.00
  • Location : Main Stage Assembly Hall JCC
  • Winner : 1, 2, 3 and Favorite