FESyar Sumatera 2021

10 – 15 Agustus 2021


About FESyar of Sumatera

In order to encourage the acceleration of inclusive and sustainable sharia economy and finance as well as support the recovery of the national economy, this year the 8th Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival (ISEF) will be held in October 2021. ISEF is one of the largest and leading international events in the calendar of Islamic economic and financial activities that integrates the development of the sectors of financial and real sector.

To support the implementation of ISEF, at the regional level a Sharia Economic Festival (FESyar) is held as a series of Road To ISEF 2021 is held as a series of Road To ISEF 2021 whose activities are carried out in three regions, namely Eastern Indonesia (KTI), Sumatera, and Java, with the hope that ISEF development can be carried out comprehensively. simultaneously throughout Indonesia to support national economic growth. Meanwhile at the provincial level, the series of Road To FESyar 2021 activities will also be carried out in stages in September.

For this year's Regional FESyar, Riau Province has been appointed to host the 2021 FESyar of Sumatra, which has been held virtually on August 10th to 15th, with the theme “Synergizing in Building Sharia Economy and Finance to Strengthen Momentum of Economic Recovery through Regional Connectivity”. Broadly speaking, FESyar activities can be divided into two main activities, namely the Sharia Forum and the Sharia Fair.

One of the flagship activities of FESyar Sumatera 2021 is the Waqf Awareness Movement, or the empowerment of waqf funds for economically viable productivity as an alternative source of financing which could encourage economic growth to a higher and inclusive level. This, in the long term, is expected to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) such as alleviating poverty, improving the quality of health and education, and reducing social inequality. This Waqf Awareness Movement was also carried out to support the National Waqf Awareness Movement which was previously launched by the President of the Republic of Indonesia in early 2020. In this series of activities, each province in Sumatra will carry out educational activities and raise waqf funds (commitment and realization), and later will merge into the Sumatran Waqf Movement.

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