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Kusumavignette Batik
Experienced Export
Production Capacity:
40 pieces of hand-drawn batik/month

Kusumavignette Batik was established in 2007 in Yogyakarta. They are engaged in the Contemporary Batik Fashion industry. Kusumavigette batik has characteristics that are very different from other modern motifs. Where prefers the standard motifs from various regions in Indonesia. Drawing the theme fine batik, contemporary abstract nuances are elegant and authoritative. The Kusumavigette product has obtained a patent where every motif made already has a certification. There are as many as 27 motifs that have registered under their patents. Kusumavignette batik is in great demand from a productive young age to old age because the motif depicts the expression of a young and energetic spirit. Kusumavigette Batik has also participated in various exhibition events both domestic and overseas, such as Jakarta, Sumatra, Java, and Kalimantan. In addition, overseas events were experienced, such as in Brunei Darussalam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Owner: Ice Kusumaningrum
Jl. Tirtodipuran 23 Yogyakarta 55143

Contemporary Batik Materials

Abstract squid

Rp. 450.000 / set
Ready to Order
Dress batik kontemporer

The abstract red floral motif that gives energy and enthusiasm. Wrapped in classic Javanese traditional motifs.

Rp. 700.000 / set
Ready to Order

In every fashion design, there is also a health batik mask which also functions as a fashion mask

Rp. 35.000 / set
Ready to Order
Contemporary BatikHemShirt

Complementing men’s clothing with an energetic and sporty outlook.

Rp. 700.000 / set
Ready to Order
Mask (Hand-drawn Batik Painting)

Abstract fish batik painting

Rp. 350.000 / set
Ready to Order

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