ISEF Overview

ISEF is the largest annual event in Indonesia as a forum to integrate various activities in the sharia economic and financial sector. ISEF has grown from a national initiative to become one of the most prestigious programs in the world since being recognized as part of the global Sharia Economic Forum. ISEF 2021 does not only involve national organizations, institutions, or associations, but also several related parties by carrying out the vision of  “Mainstreaming Islamic Economy and Finance into National and International Policy”. This vision places ISEF as an icon of sharia economic and finance (SEF) development from various aspects, both at the national and international levels. To realize this vision, various efforts have been made through a mission that combines ideas into real and applicable initiatives, a manifestation of the center of excellence that focuses on the development of sharia economics and finance, while maintaining harmony with the noble values of Indonesia.


ISEF as a national and international sharia economic development platform.


Magnifiying Halal Industries Through Food and Fashion Market for Ecomonic Recovery


The First Integrated Platform Of Islamic Economy For Global Competitiveness

ISEF Evolutions