UD. Cado Agrofood Semesta
Cado & KaCho
Production Capacity:

30 kg/month


Cado is a small business producing chocolate for snacks and drinks. The brand ‘Cado‘ comes from the Indonesian word Kado which means a gift. So the brand ‘Cado‘ represents a tidbit history of our snack product. It is a remembrance of our early snack products where we used gift wrapping paper to wrap our snacks.

Owner: Deddi Iswanto
Jln. PT.KKA. KM8. Ulee Nyeue, Banda Baro Aceh Utara

Chobar 35 Gr

Chobar with Aceh originated peanuts filling

Rp. 10.000
Ready to Order
Chobar 70 Gr

Chobar 70g with KaCho filling

Rp. 20.000
Ready to Order
Cado Kokoa Drink 100g

There wouldn’t be a good story without a chocolate drink

Rp. 20.000
Ready to Order
KaCho 100g

Kacho is your perfect traveling companion

Rp. 20.000
Ready to Order