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PT Mazaraat Lokanatura Indonesia
Mazaraat Artisan Cheese
Experienced Export
Production Capacity:
1000L per day

“Starting from the special need for natural food intake, which has a clear source of raw materials and a transparent production process for Jamie and Nieta Najmi’s first child, in 2011 a journey began to learn and make various kinds of fermented foods and drinks in the kitchen at home. Their interest in fermented dairy products led the couple to learn about the venerable traditions of natural cheese makers in Turnuru, New Zealand and Auvergne, France. At the end of 2015 by sheer coincidence, the couple was invited to participate in one of the markets The main organic product in Yogyakarta is the Kamisan Organic Market. That’s when Mazaraat officially started producing cheese and butter commercially on an MSME (Artisan) scale. Mazaraat Artisan Cheese believes that the best quality cheese can only be produced from the best raw materials and processed naturally in a natural way. good as well developed through ongoing research. For this reason, in 2017, Mazaraat Artisan Cheese decided to start opening workshops on natural cheese making in Yogyakarta, Bali and Jakarta to introduce
good production processes and raw materials for the people of Indonesia. The good relationship that has been established with culinary business actors and the media has also brought Mazaraat Artisan Cheese to several national and international events.”

Owner: Nieta Pricillia P / Cindy Brouwer
Dusun Surodadi, Wukirsari, Cangkringan, Sleman, Yogyakata
Athan /kg

Is a bloomy-rind, one of Mazaraat’s signature cheese. Has abeautiful creamy with subtle earthy flavorand delicious runny inner part when wellmatured. Athan is made by replicatingtraditional method of Brillat Savarin insmaller round shape.

Rp. 380.000
Ready to Order
Alpine /kg

Alpine adalah keju keras yang melalui proses pematangan hingga 8 bulan. Merupakan keju khas Swiss dan memiliki rasa nutty sweet

Rp. 450.000
Ready to Order
Bromo /kg

I am the one and only organiccertified cheese ever made in Indonesia! Thetechnique used is a hybrid between BritishCheddar & Havarti.

Rp. 420.000
Ready to Order

Ghee biasa disebut sebagai golden liquid. Diolah dari cream yang kemudian di churn menjadi butter kemudian butter dihangatkan dengan api kecil selama +- 8 jam untuk menghilangkan sebanyak mungkin solid dan menghasilkan full butterfat oil

Rp. 90.000
Ready to Order
Halloumi /kg

Halloumi adalah keju khas Meditterania yang memiliki karakter rasa asin, paling cocok di grill dan tidak melelh jika dipanaskan

Rp. 230.000
Ready to Order

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