Must read! 10 Interesting Facts Behind the Successful Implementation of ISEF 2021

Successfully attracting wide attention from within and outside the country, ISEF 2021 is a milestone for the development of Indonesia’s halal economy in the future, as well as making the country a global hub for halal economy. 

Jakarta – The main highlight of the 8th Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival (ISEF) in 2021 has not long passed, but his enthusiasm in encouraging the strengthening of the sharia economy and finance ecosystem (hereinafter referred to as the “halal economy”) in Indonesia continues to resonate throughout the country. Jointly initiated by Bank Indonesia and the National Committee for Islamic Financial Economics (KNEKS), ISEF 2021 has started its events since April, which was marked by the Sharia Economic Festival (FESyar) taking place in various cities throughout Indonesia.

Starting a series of events since last April, here is a summary of interesting facts that happened during ISEF 2021!

  1. Gebyar Puncak ISEF 2021 as the event’s main highlight successfully recorded transactions up to IDR25.8 trillion, higher than last year’s achievement of IDR5.03 trillion. This amount comes from financing the Islamic financial institutions, business linkage, business transactions with participants, as well as exhibitions.
  2. Participating in promoting the certification program for halal products and services in national and international markets, ISEF 2021 has issued 240 halal certificates on three main issues, namely PPH Assistance Certification, Self-Declare Halal Certification, and Fashion Designer Competency Certification.
  3. As a medium for socializing the benefits of charity more broadly, ISEF 2021 has collected Zakat, Infaq, Alms and Waqf (ZISWAF) of up to IDR669 billion during the event, where this amount will be managed fairly and sustainably by the Zakat Forum (FOZ) together with the Board of Trustees. National Zakat Amil (BAZNAS), Indonesian Waqf Board (BWI), and Productive Waqf Forum (FWP).
  4. ISEF 2021 succeeded in embracing 970 exponents (exhibitors) from MSME entrepreneurs, which focused on two main sectors, namely halal food and Muslim fashion.
  5. A total of 4,451 people participated in 4 types of competitions held during ISEF 2021, namely the Modest Young Designer Competition, the Muslim Fashionpreneur Competition, the 2021 Hijrahpreneur Competence, and the National Sharia Economic Competition.
  6. There are a total of 194 agendas that will take place during ISEF 2021, which consist of national and international webinars, workshops, talk shows, forum discussions, business linkage, to fashion shows.
  7. Supporting sustainable fashion campaigns, ISEF 2021 collaborates with 420 fashion designers to present fashion parades and presentations that put forward the principle of thayyiban (kindness) in their creative production, which presents a total of 797 looks of clothing and accessories.
  8. Overall, ISEF 2021 online access has reached a total of 119 countries, which focuses on the outcome of empowering the national halal industry.
  9. ISEF 2021 has improved quality in two aspects, namely the first is sharpening the focus on Muslim fashion and halal food, and the second is strengthening branding and marketing of the halal industry through global trade and investment opportunities.
  10. In appreciating the growing growth of the halal industry in Indonesia, ISEF 2021 holds the 2021 ISEF Awards which consists of 40 categories in 3 focus areas, namely the sharia financing institution sector, halal food businesses and sharia fashion members of the Indonesian Sharia Creative Industry (IKRA), to Islamic boarding schools in the context of empowering ZISWAF in FESyar activities.
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  1. Pengunjung ISEF 2021 diwajibkan sudah divaksinasi COVID-19 (minimal vaksinasi dosis pertama)
  2. Pengunjung ISEF 2021 diwajibkan untuk mengunduh aplikasi Peduli Lindungi untuk masuk ke area ISEF 2021
  3. Pengunjung ISEF 2021 berusia minimal 12 tahun
  4. Batas pengunjung per sesi pameran adalah 250 pengunjung
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