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What Is ISEF ?

ISEF is a collaborative platform for Sharia economics and finance (EKSyar) from all stakeholders on an international scale, which summarizes various activities in the EKSyar sector. Besides that, ISEF can become a landmark for the development of EKSyar in Indonesia. ISEF is also the culmination of EKSyar activities on a regional and national scale entitled “Sharia Economic Festival (FESyar),” which this year will also be held in several regions in Indonesia as hosts, namely East Region, Sumatra Region, and Java Region.

When will this year's ISEF be held ?

The 10th Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival 2023 will be held from Wednesday to Sunday, 25–29 October 2023, at Jakarta Convention Center.

Where will this year's ISEF be held ?

Considering the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, most of the activities within ISEF will be held virtually. However, there are several activities that will be held hybridly (offline & online) where offline activities are carried out with limited participants following the health protocol.

What is the target of holding ISEF this year ?

The implementation of the virtual ISEF in 2021 has the following achievement targets:

a. Availability of a detailed roadmap for strengthening the halal industry in the halal food sector and the modest fashion sector, which is carried out through the holding of various forums, conferences, and high-level discussions that accommodate the thoughts and movements of various stakeholders.

b. Establishment of program cooperation agreements, promotions, and investments. This is done by providing a platform for business actors to implement various intermediation programs, business matching, business linkage, and exhibitions.

c. The creation of a halal industry ecosystem in the halal food and modest fashion sector. This is done through strengthening actors and supporting infrastructure, with supporting activities such as workshops, business forums, bootcamps, and showcasing.

What are ISEF activities ?

  • International and National Sharia Forum
  • Sharia Fair: Halal Product and Modest Fashion Exhibition,, Talkshow, Tablig, Business Matching, and Competition.
  • Indonesia International Modest Fashion (IN2MF)
  • Indonesia International Halal Chef Competition (IN2HCC)
  • Fun Walk
  • Kids Activities
  • Sharia Financial Services
  • Halal Certification Services
  • Rupiah Exchange Services

What is the ISEF theme this year ?

The 2023 ISEF carries the theme “Accelerating Sharia Economy and Finance through Digitalization for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth.”

How to participate in ISEF activities in 2023 ?

Registration can be done via the official ISEF website, and Instagram

How to get detailed information regarding ISEF 2021 ?

Please visit the official ISEF website,, follow various official ISEF social media, and keep an eye on Instagram


Is ISEF 2021 open to the public ?

Yes, ISEF is open to the public

When does ISEF registration open ?

ISEF registration is open according to each agenda

Is this event paid ?

The entire series of ISEF activities is free of charge

How do I register as a visitor ?

Registration can be done through the ISEF official website, namely

What are the requirements to become a visitor of the ISEF 2021 offline exhibition

To become an offline exhibition visitor, visitors must have been vaccinated against Covid-19 and declared safe in the Peduli Protect application.

What is the age limit for ISEF visitors ?

There is no limit to the age of ISEF’s online and offline visitors

Can offline visitors bring children ?

Offline visitors are not allowed to bring children under 12 years old

When is tenant registration open ?

Tenant registration opens around June every year

How do I register to become a tenant ?

Through email ( or direct message via ISEF social media.

What are the requirements to become a tenant ?

General Criteria:

• No-Haram products (preferably already have halal certification)
• Minimum Business Age 3 years
• Preferably have a Sharia bank account
• Have e-commerce
• Have an active website/social media

I'm having trouble registering/accessing the website, is there another way to register ?

You can contact via email ISEF or via social media instagram

Where can I ask for further information regarding ISEF 2023?

You can contact us via email at ISEF or via social media Instagram


Where can I access information regarding the ISEF 2021 series of events ?

Through the ISEF website and various ISEF official social media

What are ISEF activities this year ?

The series of ISEF activities consist of conferences, workshops, business linkage, exhibitions, showcases, fashion shows, and competitions

How are health protocols implemented at ISEF 8th 2021 ?

The protocol is strictly maintained where physical visitors will be limited and required to be vaccinated and bring antigen results 2×24 hours. Visitors are also not allowed to bring children under 12 years old

Are there classes or training for MSMEs ?

There is. Information can be viewed through the isef website and social media.

What is Business Linkage ?

Business linkage is a series of linkage building activities by bringing together potential buyers and Islamic financial institutions with MSME players, consisting of business meetings, business intermediary, business matching (one on one meeting), business coaching, e-commerce programs, and social linkage.

Who can register and become a Business Linkage participant ?

The parties who can register are as follows:
• Sharia business actors in various sectors
• Buyers
• Investors
• Distributors
• Exporter
• Social financial institutions
• Islamic financial institutions
• and other related parties

How do I register my business for Business Linkage ?

First, visit the ISEF website (, then go to the business linkage page

Second, click Registration, then select the business linkage agenda to be followed, including:
– Business matching for seller
– Business matching financing
– Business matching for buyers/investors

Third, fill in and complete the required documents, then click submit

Is there a registration fee to join Business Linkage ?

All ISEF Business Linkage activities are free of charge.

When is the Business Linkage registration deadline ?

Business Linkage registration can be done until the D-day of the event. (see ISEF activity timeline for more information)

How to register as a buyer ?

The steps are as follows:

1. Visit the ISEF website (, then go to the business linkage page
2. Click Registration, then select the business matching agenda for buyers/investors
3. Fill in and complete the required documents, then click submit

How to join webinars, workshops and forums ?

Register via the website or the link on the agenda flyer

Is there a Sharia Fair this year like last year ? Where can I get complete information ?

This year’s Sharia Fair has many updates which are certainly better than last year, for more details, please visit the ISEF website

What are the competitive events opening at ISEF 2021 ?

Several competitions were held, namely:

1. Mosque-Based Entrepreneurial Competition (ISYEFPreneur)
2. Start-Up Competition Hijrah Fest
3. Muslim Preneur Fashion Competition
4. Youth Sharia Sociopreneurship Competition
5. Islamic Economy Brand Video Competition 2021
6. National Sharia Economic Competition
7. Modest Young Designer Competition

Where can I access information about the competition event ?

The event can be accessed on the ISEF website

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