PT Kampung Kearifan Indonesia

Inspired by Indonesia’s wealth on food biodiversity, indigenous wisdom and spiritualism, Javara
was founded in 2008 with the mission to bring back forgotten food rooted from such wealth. By
combining the uses of purest local ingredients, ancient recipes and traditional methods as well as
modern processing approaches, we create authentic and unique products that comply with
global food trends as well as food safety standards. Javara takes pride in delivering products that
are unique, origin-specific, artisanal, traceable, organically produced and ethically traded. In
partnership with over 52,000 farmers, foragers, fishers and food artisans from across the
Indonesian Archipelago, Javara works throughout the value chain to create sustainable and
impactful businesses. By nurturing rural food artisan entrepreneurs, Javara proudly presents
Indonesia's widest selection of fine artisanal, natural and organic food products that has the
relevance to the global market trends. Most of all, each of these products have amazing stories
behind it. To date, Javara offers 900 products, of which over 300 products are organic certified
under the EU, US NOP and JAS Standards. Our product range include coconut-based products,
heirloom organic rice and grains, gourmet artisan salt, spice and seasonings, gourmet veggie
noodle, healthy snacks, raw honey, jam and spread as well as gluten free food products. In
addition to domestic distribution, Javara also has been exporting to over 23 countries in 5

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