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Mandar Mushroom Indonesia
(RUJAB) Rumah Jamur Basseang & JARAK (Jamur Rakyat)
Experienced Export
Production Capacity:
For fresh oyster mushrooms, 5 kg per day,yet crispy mushroom products are 100 pieces per production
5/5 Jamur Basseang is a place for mushroom cultivation, processing mushrooms into products, marketing, increasing human resources, and empowering the community. Selling products of fresh mushrooms and crispy mushrooms where our products are cultivated products that we developed ourselves, without using chemical Materials and pesticides

Owner: Muh. Al Fahreza
Jln. Budaya lr 1. 8, Polewali Mandar, Sulawesi barat
Mushroom Crispy Side Dish

The fresh oyster mushrooms are processed to become crispy mushroom products that can be used as a side dish.

Rp. 10.000
Ready to Order
Crispy Mushroom

Our crispy mushroom product is undoubtedly the first in Polewali Mandar with long storage durability and can compete with other products. Our products are rare because the raw Materials are still challenging to find, but it is the added value because we develop them starting from cultivation, processing, and marketing. We are starting from growing mushrooms to being made into products.

Rp. 10.000
Ready to Order
Fresh Oyster Mushrooms

Fresh oyster mushrooms are independently cultivated and developed in the middle of a farm amid a pristine nature and cultivated without using pesticides.

Rp. 30.000
Ready to Order

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"Indonesia Halal Showcase & Exhibition"
Jakarta Convention Center
27 - 30 October 2021


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  3. Pengunjung ISEF 2022 berusia minimal 12 tahun
  4. Batas pengunjung per sesi pameran adalah 250 pengunjung
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