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Production Capacity:
5000 Eggs

UD Sabiq Bejo is a food industry engaged in processing salted eggs. The company offers various product variants of salted eggs such as salted egg sambal, salted egg crackers, salted egg floss, salted egg nuggets, salted egg dim sum, and salted egg samosas. All are produced using natural methods to create healthy products.

Owner: Ainurrohmatin
RT 01 RW 01 Ds. Cluring Kec. Cluring Kab. Lamongan

Salted Egg

Salted eggs made with natural ingredients that are healthy and without the use of preservatives derived from chemical or synthetic preservatives

Rp. 35.000
Ready to Order
Smoked salted egg

Sabiq smoked salted eggs are hygienically processed using raw materials with grade A quality to create delicious and healthy smoked salted eggs.

Rp. 45.000
Ready to Order
Salted egg sauce

Smoked salted egg sambal is processed with good quality duck egg raw materials, with a guaranteed processing process so that it is safe and increases the shelf life of salted egg chili sauce. Salted egg sauce that has been opened from the seal should be stored at cold temperatures to be more durable and have a longer shelf life.

Rp. 25.000
Ready to Order
Salted egg crackers

Salted egg crackers are hygienically processed using egg raw materials with grade A quality to produce salted egg crackers with a crunchy taste. This product is very suitable to be consumed with warm rice.

Rp. 6.000
Ready to Order
Abon Salted Egg (Shredded salted egg floss)

Shredded salted egg is one of the innovations from “zero defect” that Sabiq promoted. This product is made from eggs that have good quality but break during the egg boiling process. The broken eggs are processed into shredded salted eggs combined with selected spices to produce a delicious and distinctive taste.

Rp. 15.000
Ready to Order

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